Monday, September 13, 2010

Do Bad Things Really Come In Threes?

This week has started out less than spectacular. This morning had a couple of surprises in store for me. First, I walked out into the washroom and stepped in a puddle of what I hoped was water. Then, as I followed the large puddle to it's starting point I am assured
it is water. My stand up freezer was the starting point if the puddle and as you might have guessed.. It was no longer functioning. So, before I even had coffee I was transferring food from the washroom freezer to the refrig/freezer in my kitchen. Most if the items were salvageable but I had to shove them in to fit.

Next, I was at Target thus morning( after I had coffee) and I a red light caught my attention on my car dashboard. The dreaded check engine light was on. Great. Looking at the temp gauge and seeing the marker Thingy on the H.. Well I knew it was not going to end well.

I parked the car and called my husband. He said call a wrecker and have it towed home. Luckily my auto insurance had me covered for towing. Within an hour the wrecker took us home.

We have a spare car just for occasions like this. It's not pretty but it runs and the AC works. I was able to get to work without incident but my poor husband has a job waiting for him at the house tonight.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome To The Happi Girl

My Birthday present was a Canon Camera.  I love it.  There is not much that is safe from my viewfinder.
Below is a Canna Lilly.  I love the bright vibrant colors.. and below that is the images that I tweaked a bit with the tools available on my computer.